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On this site you will find a collection of free online games from around the web. All of our games are wholesome, and fun for the whole family. Enjoy.

Feature Game of the Week :
As promised, we have an extra special update for you this week. Samorost has been described as one of the best adventures ever written for flash. It is actually 8 flash files. It's a very weird, but very fun game to play. It's also quite funny. Supurb graphics and sound. It was a lot of work to aquire and set up for you, as, the website that produced it has closed. Enjoy.

   Since the whole network is being overhauled, I didn't want to neglect this site. Folks, an ALL NEW design is in development for this website. Some of it is even being created with Flash MX. We are working very hard on it as we speak. We have a collection of new games to add, as well as a new format that puts these existing games into catagories.

If you have seen the improvements on our other sites then you should know that we are converting everything to top notch. Stay tuned. This site's redesign should be going live sometime in April. I can't give you any more specifics than that at this point, but, when I can you will be the first to know.

Thanks for dropping by. We hope you enjoy your visit.



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